Cleo Espiritu

Google Cloud Next ’19 App Maker Session Roundup

Google Next ’19 concluded last week and what a great event! It is always nice to see & experience the buzz and excitement there!

If you are interested in learning more about App Maker, here’s some session recordings that you may be interested in!

First of all, I’m going to plug my own session with Chris Schalk (Developer Advocate at Google), where we walk through how to build an app, along with the types of integrations (Data Studio, Vision API, etc) that you can do with an app. I’ve also talked about some success stories at ATB:

Next, Chris also did a session with Edozie from Google on using G-Suite and App Maker to simplify business process; you’ll find another walkthrough on building an app as well as more success stories

If you like an overview of all the G-Suite offerings on improving more complex business processes by incorporating custom scripts and functionalities, see Satheesh’s session here

Jeremy from Veolia talks about their journey to using App Maker here with Greg from Google:

Finally, Charles & Eric from Google did a walkthrough on how to evolve a spreadsheet into an application:

This is my first attendance to Google Next as a Google Developer Experts so it was great to be able to meet other GDEs and Googlers there!